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Behind The Scenes

Hello! My name is Stephanie Lopez, a Texas native, currently living in sunny South Florida. I am the Founder + Graphic Designer + Illustrator behind the scenes of A Design In Between, a creative design studio specializing in Seamless Surface Patterns + Brand Identity. My mission is to help others find creative solutions through memorable designs. 

At the studio, you will find me crafting nature-inspired Seamless Surface Patterns for surfaces like fabrics, packaging, and home decor or helping Brands build memorable meaningful graphics that are aligned with their message and aesthetic.

When it comes to Sustainability, as a designer, I love to design with the environment in mind! I feel I have a duty to craft responsibly and take into consideration my impact on the environment. A couple of fun facts about me ... I have two cats, I love to cook, tend my balcony garden, craft killer cocktails, and take long afternoon naps with my hubby.

- Stephanie Lopez


Welcome to A Design In Between,

A creative design studio specializing in Brand Identity + Digital Seamless Patterns + Sustainable Design. 

Brand Identity

At a Design In Between, we enjoy helping craft memorable Brand Identities for ethical and environmentally conscious clients. Let us help you create eye-catching meaningful designs that are aligned with your brand's message, goals, and values.

Seamless Surface Patterns

Another of our specialties at the studio is Seamless Surface Patterns. Our patterns are mindfully handcrafted in-house with original artwork that is available for licensing or full buyout. Our nature-inspired designs are perfect to be placed onto surfaces like fabrics, packaging, wallpaper, stationery, home decor, accessories, and so much more. The process of our designs begins with a traditional sketch/painting on paper, then digitized, edited, and arranged to create a repeatable digital seamless pattern. Take a look at our collections or let us help you create a custom design exclusively for your brand. Let's make your products and surfaces pop!


As a creative design studio, we have a duty to craft responsibly and take into consideration our impact on the environment. We aim to provide and suggest eco-friendly options when available! Let's design with the environment in mind!

Let's Connect!

- a design in between

The Design Process


Thank you for considering us to help you out with your project! We will chat about the vision for your project and provide you with a custom proposal and quote. Once you accept the proposal and the deposit is made we can begin!


Let us set up a virtual meetup or chat to learn more about your business, target market, goals, deadlines, and expectations for your project.


This is the Research / Brainstorming / Mood board phase, where we create a strategy for your project based on the the information provided during the discovery phase.

Design & Refine

Once we have a strategy in place we can start to design. A variety of concepts and options will be designed for you to choose from. Your quality feedback and communication ensures that we can efficiently execute you project.

Finalising & Support

Once Final revisions are approved by you and your invoice has been paid in full, you will receive the final files. Support is provided to you from beginning to end!