CLIENT Kachitos Sweets 

Kachito’s Sweets is a pastry service, specializing in small-batch organic sweets. Pastry Chef Kathaline Lopez, also known as Kachito, has always had a passion for baking cupcakes! Kachito loves retelling her childhood stories of when she would bake cupcakes and laughs as she says, "they would never rise... I would bake and bake until I would finally get a good batch, sometimes I would even have to go back to the store to get more ingredients"! The struggle was real, but Kachito's determination is what kept her going and little did she know, baking would become her future. As time passed, Kachito realized that she is the happiest when she is baking for her family & friends. Kachito knew that this is her calling. It all started with a passion for baking cupcakes out of a mini oven and expanded into a registered L.L.C. working out of a commercial kitchen based in Miami Beach. 


​We worked with Kachito's Sweets every step of the way when it came to finding her brand and brand identity. When it came down to the name, it was a no brainer to call the brand after her nickname, Kachito which means, "a little piece" in Spanish. Kachito's Sweets essentially means a little piece of sweetness! The logo is inspired by Kachito's famous delectable cupcakes and her favorite fruit, strawberries. The logo was given a homemade stamp-like look and treated with a pastel color palette. The colors used for the brand are yellow, green, and a variety of shades and tints of pink. We decided that we wanted the color pink to be the most dominant as pink is a representation of playfulness, sweets, care, and approachability. Kachitos Sweets is a very personal and caring brand that aims to share their passion and love of baking with you! 

#made with love