Proper Spaces is a professional organizing service based in Miami, Florida. "A Proper Space creates a Proper Life," is what Proper Spaces is all about, helping you create a better environment for a better lifestyle. Proper Spaces help organize your environment from closets, pantries, home, and office spaces. Our task was to guide Proper Spaces through the creative process to create a custom-tailored branding strategy. After a couple of rounds of sketches, meetings, and revisions, we were able to execute Proper Spaces' vision. We had the opportunity to design a variety of branding deliverables for Proper Spaces like their Logo, Business Cards, UI Consulting, Social Media Branding Materials. Apparel Design Ideas, and a Brand Identity Strategy Guide. Check out below the work we created for Proper Spaces!

Proper Spaces sets a tone of ease, minimalism, and balance throughout their brand identity.